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Snap Dragon Frames (TM)


Welcome to Rug Hooker's Haven - the home of the Snap Dragon Frame (TM) - and your source for all your rug hooking tools, materials and supplies!  


"French Tapestry ' - Designed by Pearl K. McGown
Hand Dyed and Hooked by Sue Ellen Lauersdorf, 1991

Rug Hooker's Haven is the next evolution in what has been a long standing love affair with the art of old fashioned rug hooking.  It is the culmination of 39 years of rug hooking, teaching, designing and demonstrating the craft.  Sue Ellen Lauersdorf, certified in 1979 as a McGown Rug Hooking Teacher and one of the founders of the Buckeye Rug Crafters Guild in North Canton, Ohio, has shared her knowledge and love of traditional rug hooking with many people throughout the years and now, the magic of the internet allows her to share her experience with you.  Our goal at Rug Hooker's Haven is to bring you the best products available in the craft to assist you in making the family heirlooms of tomorrow.

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